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Here is the Toyota RAV4 2019 in white nature with black wheels, find this SUV at Toyota Saint-Eustache


Toyota St-Eustache, a member of the "Toyota Cousins", has proudly served the community of the greater Montreal region, near Terrebonne and Laval for more than 35 years and will continue to do so in the years to come. Located along Highway 640 on Dubois Street, the "Toyota Cousins" of St-Eustache have established his name over the years and customers love their personalized service. From their wise advice to the experience of their seasoned and courteous team, you are sure to get the best possible answers and special attention. They’ve been in business for so many years thanks to their desire to build customer loyalty by meeting their needs and offering them the best options.


The 2019 RAV4: a SUV that is Paving its Way!


The 2019 Toyota RAV4 is showcased at Toyota St-Eustache with its cutting-edge technological features at an affordable price. It should be emphasized that all vehicles from the Japanese manufacturer are reliable, durable, solid and robust and the 2019 RAV4 does not break this family tradition. In fact, it can be said that this SUV is a legend in its category, as it has been sold worldwide for more than 25 years and in Canada since 1997. This vehicle continues to grow in popularity year after year and ranks at the top of the sales list, therefore it is no coincidence that the Japanese giant has decided to invest $1.4 billion to produce all versions of the RAV4 in its plants in Ontario – this is something to be proud of. It is great news for the Canadian job market and Toyota is proud that the RAV4 dominates the compact SUV market with this all-Canadian footprint.


But what propels the RAV4 to the top and why has it become so popular? The answer is simple - Toyota engineers make sure to invest in quality and perfection from the start, to ensure that the model has a long life ahead of it. All Toyota products according to high standards, so few manufacturers can reach and match them. When you own a Toyota, we often say it's for life, as they are so durable, and this is true enough that more than 65% of commercial car fleets are made up of Toyota vehicles.


In short, the RAV4 is not only a legend – since 1997, it has been travelling the roads of Canada, Quebec and the United States; it is made for adventure. In 2019, we are witnessing a new generation of RAV4 that stands out from the previous ones, in that the vehicle has less of a sedan design, is more refined, has a sportier look and is available in Hybrid XSE, Limited and Trail versions. Moreover, each of its versions is offered in a variety of configurations and has a more stylized approach than the previous generations. The 2019 Toyota RAV4 has been completely redesigned.


At Toyota St-Eustache, we have all the RAV4 versions and we know them perfectly well. Whether you prefer a gas-powered vehicle, a hybrid, a trail blazer, or a refined and robust SUV, we certainly have a RAV4 to suit your needs. Under the hood of the gasoline-powered models, you will find a 2.5-litre, 4-cylinder dynamic-force engine with an 8-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission for plenty of power and performance. Speaking of performance, you'll be happy to know that in the Trail and Limited (gasoline-powered) models, the multi-terrain selector will reveal the full power of the RAV4 in the most challenging conditions, such as mud, sand, rocks, steep terrain and more. Finally, the RAV4 AWD (all-wheel drive) LE and AWD XLE models include four-wheel drive with active control that subtly detects tire slip.


In addition, the 2019 RAV4 Hybrid is especially environmental-conscious, which is very important nowadays as we wish to keep our planet clean. For this reason, the Japanese manufacturer is concerned about the requirements and new trends for reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs). In an effort to become a part of Canada’s environmental landscape, the hybrid version of the RAV4 (in four distinct versions) will allow you to see the measures being taken to improve the planet's future. This version of the RAV4 includes two electric motors in addition to a 2.5-litre dynamic-force gasoline engine with a net power of 219 horsepower. It is also interesting to note that the 2019 RAV4 hybrids do not need to be plugged in for charging. Rather, they recharge on the road, thanks to a recovery system that captures the energy from the electric current and then stores it in the nickel hybrid battery, a very appealing benefit for those who do not have a charging station or garage and who have to park their vehicles on the street. The energy efficiency is higher, allowing substantial savings. The batteries in the RAV4 hybrid were designed by Japanese engineers to never be replaced, so what more can you ask for your wallet and for the environment?


Configure your new 2019 RAV4 with your Saint-Eustache Toyota dealership near Boisbriand and Blainville


A Sporty and Refined Look 


In short, whether it's the gasoline-powered or hybrid version, the 2019 RAV4 has a sporty and dynamic look and both versions are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, offering a comfortable interior without compromising on innovative features and amenities. The interior is spacious with a memory-programmed driver’s seat (optional), heated seats (front and rear) and ventilated seats (front), perfect for our winters. In the higher-end models, you will notice a sheathed steering wheel and lever knob, sofTex seat surfaces and several technological features. The RAV4 is equipped with foldable rear seats, allowing for oversized storage space, and the RAV4 Trail comes with a towing package with a towing capacity of 1590 kg or 3500 lbs.


Technologically speaking, the compact SUV is equipped with the Entune 3.0 audio system that allows you to stay connected and receive real-time information. In the Trail, XLE Premium (gasoline-powered) and XSE hybrid models, the Entune 3.0 Audio Plus and Entune Safety Connect systems are added to locate the vehicle if it has been stolen, in addition to an SOS assistance button, roadside assistance, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature and on some models, integrated navigation with Toyota's Technology Group. Finally, the Apple CarPlay application on all models and the JBL audio system on the Limited model keep you at the forefront with the latest technology. Last on our tour, there is a digital display rear view mirror (Limited model), a multi-angle rear view camera, a powered tailgate with a key ring button on Trail and XLE models and hands-free feature and Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 (TSS) on the Limited model. When it comes to advanced safety features, Toyota brand vehicles live up to their name.


The 2019 Toyota RAV4 has been redesigned with an avant-garde look. The audacity of the Japanese manufacturer is driving this model to success, over and over again. At Toyota St-Eustache, your ultimate dealership near Terrebonne and Laval in the greater Montreal area, our team is at your disposal and ready to help you discover this very sporty and adventurous SUV, so come and talk to the "Toyota Cousins" now to discover all the advantages of the bold 2019 RAV4.

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