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As we are getting closer to winter, the time has come to check the condition of your tires, and to replace them if the wear on your winter tires is too pronounced.

Your dealership Toyota St-Eustache, next to Highway 640 and close to Laval will explain to you how to measure tire wear and at what moment it is time to think about buying new ones.

How do you measure tire wear?

There are two standard ways to evaluate if you have to change your winter tires:

  • Using a depth gauge, which you can buy at a specialty store, you can measure the thickness of the tire tread. According to the CAA, it is not recommended to drive with tires whose tread is less than 6/32 or 4.8 mm deep. Tire wear can also be detected through signs of wear in the many grooves of the tire. Those grooves are generally square, elevated and are directly moulded from the bottom.

You also have to check the manufacturing date on the tires. The DOT serial number will tell you when they were manufactured. For example, the number 4419 indicates that your tire was manufactured the 44th week of 2019.

  • The classic test is totake 25 cents and insert it in one of the tire grooves with the nose of the caribou down. If you can see the nose of the caribou, your tire needs to be changed. It is time to buy a new set of winter tires at an unequalled price at your tire dealer!

Toyota St-Eustache: Your ally when it comes to changing your tires!

For many years now, a dedicated team has been advising you in maintaining your tires in good condition and buying new ones when needed. As we are getting closer to the winter, come and visit your tire dealer and use the opportunity to benefit from sound advice. Not only will we take the time to show you the best tire options for your vehicle, but we will also help you to save big.Come and visit us now or make an appointment online today!

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